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  • How should take care of my products?
    All our products are made of silver 925 , and most of them are professionally gold plated or platinum plated in order to last as long as possible. However, silver tarnishes over time and will get darker and duller.If you want to restore its shine you can either use a polishing cloth or a polishing compound found at hardware stores and big super markets. Also in rings, because of the friction, plating can gradually disappear. Please take good care of your piece(s). As with most jewelry, water and chemicals should be avoided. Try not to wear your item(s) when cleaning, cooking or working under bad conditions. Keep your item(s) away from constant direct sunlight. Keep it (them) in a safe place when not wearing it.
  • How can i find my ring size?
    The easiest way is to measure the inner diameter of a ring you already have and fits you. If we assume you don't have one, you will need a simple, non elastic ribbon and a ruler. Wrap the ribbon around your finger and mark the spot where the ribbon makes a full circle around it. (see image below) Only thing left is to measure the length of the ribbon and you'll know your size.
  • Do you accept custom orders?
    We are passionate about designing new things always according to our own style! If you want something specially customized for you we are open to discuss it and create beautiful new designs. Please drop us a line.
  • I am interested in wholesaling.
    We love working with amazing stores all over the world. Please contact us and we'll get back to you with our extended line sheet.
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